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Chara's Trying.
Sans: Hey kid, come here and give ol' Sans a hug!
-Frisk Hugs Sans-
-A Loud "PFFFBT" Sound Comes From Sans Jacket-
Sans: Gotcha.. Hehe.. -Sans Gets Out A Whoopee-Cushion From His Jacket-
Chara: Wooooow, that was STUPID. We should definitely stab him.
Frisk: Chara, what the heck, I'm not gonna stab Sans over a small joke.
Chara: It was a stupid joke.
Frisk: Doesn't mean anything, let's go get some Nice-cream.
Minutes Later...
Frisk: Let's see what this Nice-cream will say!
Nice-Cream: You look lovely today!
Frisk: Aw, that's cu-
Chara: It's just a frozen treat.. It doesn't have any feelings towards you. Their words mean nothing..
Frisk: Do you think I'm stupid-
Chara: If I were to be honest with you, you look kinda bad today..
Later, With Muffet...
Chara: Has anyone else noticed that Muffet's name kinda sounds like a Pokemon?
Frisk: Quiet, Chara! I'm trying to buy some baked goods..
Frisk: Hmm.. How much is that? -Point
:iconharmonyparty:HarmonyParty 32 29
The Story Of Chara..
Toriel: Uh huh.. Sure.. And I bet a talking Flower will try to kill us all one day. *Rolls eyes*
Chara: Hi.
Toriel: HelloooooooooooooOOOOOHHH MY GOD!!
Asriel: Can we keep it?! CAN WE?! I'll take good care of it! I promise!
Toriel: My dear boy, I'm pretty sure the.. Human.. Is not a pet.
Toriel: Humans are like Monsters, they're able to take care of themselves.
Asriel: Can they at least stay here for a while? I bet they'd love to stay at a CASTLE for a little while!
Toriel: Hehe, as long as it's okay with the human.. I'm going to ask your father though, stay right there.
Asriel: Okay mommy!!
Chara: Hey...
Asriel: Yeah?
Chara: Thanks for helping me back up when I "fell" into the Underground..
Asriel: No probl- Waaait what do you mean by "you "fell"?
Chara: What do you mean what do I mean?
Asriel: I saw those quotation marks, don't you play dumb with me!! Why did you say you.. "Fell"?
Chara: Sigh, you're pretty smart. When I "fell"... It wasn't an accident, t
:iconharmonyparty:HarmonyParty 38 44
Solgaleo + Lunala by RoyalNoir Solgaleo + Lunala :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 4,184 130 Animal Crossing Link by RoyalNoir Animal Crossing Link :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 3,142 75 Yondu Poppins by briannacherrygarcia Yondu Poppins :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 5,654 269 Wolf Link by TsaoShin Wolf Link :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,418 258 Character Creator [flash game] by Twai Character Creator [flash game] :icontwai:Twai 2,722 491 [Underpants] NAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by Maxima68 [Underpants] NAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :iconmaxima68:Maxima68 355 108 Honedge - Alola Form by locomotive111 Honedge - Alola Form :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 548 58 UB-11 WARLORD by locomotive111 UB-11 WARLORD :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 358 114 Pokemon Stamp 2 by SeviYummy Pokemon Stamp 2 :iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 463 149
A Guide to OCTs
Original Character Tournaments are all over deviantart and keep growing in popularity, but not everyone knows what they are or how to participate in them.  Since they're hosted by individuals and not actually affiliated with the website itself, there are no guides available to help explain how they work.  Hopefully, this FAQ will be helpful to anyone looking to get involved in OCTs.
What is an OCT?
OCTs, or "Original Character Tournaments" are contests held here on deviantart in which you can pit your original characters against other people's characters in a comic-style battle-royale.  To put it simply, it's a cross between an art competition and a storytelling contest.
OCTs can be hosted on someone's account, or they can have a tournament account of their own.  OCTs are usually open to anyone with a deviantart account, although some are invite only.  Information about who is eligible to audition will usually be clearly stated s
:iconyamiredpen:YamiRedPen 837 176
A Fightin' Guide for RPing
This being - probably - one of the most difficult things to accomplish, successfully, in a role-play situation. So, don't worry if you feel like you suck at it - the majority of people who think they're good at it just power-play their way through everything. Nobody has any fun, ever, with a power-player save for the power-player themselves. This changes when everyone refuses to role-play with the power-player ever again - leave them out in the cold and rain, they deserve it.
There is no perfect formula for role-playing and there certainly isn't a formula for doing a fight scene right. Personally, I've found things that work and things that don't - I'll be expressing what I know of it from my own experiences.
In everything you do you want to make sure you express your character to their fullest. If a character is more than likely to sit down and take a beating for fear of fighting back then they probably shouldn't be pulling black-belt moves out of nowhere to punish t
:iconaeori:Aeori 46 15
Character Creation Guide
There are no hard, permanently set rules for creating a character, but there are things that work and things that don't.
The Basics:
By this point most people are familiar with the term 'Mary Sue' or 'Gary Stu'. They're words used to categorize a particular brand of underwhelming characters. A 'Mary Sue' is just an extreme stereotype example, just as some other terms are. Everyone who knows of them knows how to avoid making one -- or think they know. A character that isn't a 'Mary Sue' is not immediately compelling. The avoidance of the extreme does not mean the character is awesome, it just means they don't suck at the most extreme level.
For all intents and purposes a character is a person separate from their creator. Sometimes a character might be the embodiment of what a owner wants to be or how they see themselves; we call this a self-insert, and this should be avoided. Each character is going to have a different style. Each will speak, think and communicate different from
:iconaeori:Aeori 114 17
Words will never hurt me.
Hating yourself is a commitment.
You aren't born with it; it's something that is learned. When it begins varies from person to person- perhaps it only starts in high school, maybe it's something that grows from when you're too young to understand what is happening. It likely starts off innocuously - "What was stopping you from getting that A?" "Why can't you be different?" "Maybe you should lose some weight." "I don't want to be friends anymore."
But, sure enough, it builds. It grows, like a weed that feeds from each negative experience thrown your way. As it grows, you lose your ability to let words bounce off you- they start to stick, digging into your skin with their sharp edges. They sink into you, growing stronger and larger with each repetition. Soon the word becomes an attachment, an extension of you. And soon it becomes the first thing you notice in the mirror, the first thing you think of when somebody asks you to describe yourself?
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 21 13
F2U Comforting Base by Fenaceide F2U Comforting Base :iconfenaceide:Fenaceide 493 38
Stuff that I think is cute/cool (as well as bases, guides and stuff). Mostly Pokemon stuff but there's other stuff too


United States
I'm a person who likes video games, Lucario, and listening to music. I kind of suck at art (and drawing in general) but sometimes I make decent art

Pokemon Stamp 2 by SeviYummy this stamp was made by
Lucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991 and this stamp was made by milestailsprower2991.deviantar…


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